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The Death Race movie launches in theaters on August 22nd, but until then you can enjoy the features of this website and share them with your friends and family. Most importantly, watch the Death Race trailer to get a preview of what you can expect from one of the hottest action stars around—Jason Statham—in this new film.

The trailer for the Death Race movie begins with a wide screen shot of the foreboding penitentiary and the voice of the warden (Joan Allen) claiming that she began Death Race years ago and now boasts more viewers than the Super Bowl. She lets us in on the fact that, for the convict drivers in this race, there are no rules and the prize for the winner is freedom while the losers face an almost certain death. As the Death Race trailer continues, we are introduced to “the new guy” Jensen Ames who used to race for Nascar, but has been convicted of killing his wife. Ames presents himself as a tough nut to crack early on as he fights off an unprovoked attack by another prisoner during mealtime. His role in the Death Race movie is cemented when the warden asks him to drive in the race with the ultimate prize being his freedom. Ames takes the challenge, only to learn he will be paired with a female navigator from the women’s prison. This interesting turn of events makes the Death Race trailer and, no doubt, the movie, even more interesting. You get a glimpse of the car Ames will be driving equipped with machine guns, steel plating, oil, smoke, and napalm to use toward his goal of winning. As the trailer for the Death Race movie comes to a close, though, you realize the warden has ulterior motives and you begin to wonder if Ames will be the one who makes it out alive.

Find out how the Death Race movie will resolve when it hits theaters on August 22nd. Until then, check out Death Race photos, read the Death Race story, and have fun with Death Race downloads here on this website.

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